Thursday, February 26, 2009

Diana's was invited to set up at our Botanical Gardens

I was given such a wonderful honor the other day.
Our local Botanical Gardens - Fellow's Riverside Gardens at Mill Creek Park - is holding a fundraising event in May and asked me to set up a booth because they want to especially focus on Health and Wellness this year.
My shop would be a perfect addition as I am an organic gardener and use my own herbs and flowers... to make my All Natural products.
I also help others to learn about organic gardening and natural living too which was a big plus.

However, with hubby just losing his job, there is no way I can afford to pay the entry fee.

What a bummer !
I am finally getting local recognition and I cannot take advantage of it.

I asked her to keep me informed just in case something should come up and I can get the entry fee.
There is always next year I suppose.

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