Sunday, April 26, 2009

Love Perfume, but not the chemicals ? - Find All Natural Perfumes at Diana's

Try one of my Handmade All Natural perfumes featuring the flowers and herbs from my own organic gardens.

All Natural Perfumes by Diana

Here is just some of what you will find :

image of Diana's All Natural Jasmine and Myrrh Luxury Perfume

image of Diana's All Natural Lavender Perfume

image of Diana's All Natural Perfume - Especially for Mom - blossoms and fruit

image of Diana's Frankincense and Pink Roses All Natural Perfume

image of Diana's All Natural Sandalwood & Vanilla Luxury Perfume

As soon as my lilacs are harvested and dried, I will be working on an All Natural Lilac Perfume as well.

I'm not sure if I will make it a straight Lilac perfume or if I will mix another of my wonderful flowers in with it.

So far, I think I want it to be just Lilac, but we'll see.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Love my products, but can't buy everything you want ?

I now have a Wish List - Gift Registry on my store website.

Now, you can have your friends and family get you exactly what you want for your bridal shower, baby shower, wedding, anniversary, or any other special day/holiday.

I do suggest that you make a first and second choice for my one-of-a-kind items in case someone else gets to it before your friends and family do.

Also, make sure that you fill out all of the boxes as completely as you can to minimize any mistakes.

Fresh new look for my store !

My online store has a whole new look.

I am working very hard this Spring to get all of my ducks in a row and allow my business to take off the way it clearly wants to do.

I am getting more and more people from all over who appreciate my handmade and All natural products and the tips that I give them about Organic and Natural Living.

It was about time that my store looked as good as people thought it was.

Stop in to see for yourself.

I will showcase my All Natural products at our local Botanical garden afterall

I will be doing the show at Fellow's Riverside Gardens in Mill Creek park this May.
It is too big of an opportunity to miss.

My daughter will share the booth with me and we are splitting the cost.

I have been busy making up extra products to make sure I have enough for the show.

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