Sunday, June 27, 2010

Spare my nose and lungs please !

I was just reading another perfumer's blog about the difference between a real natural perfume and the mainstream scented items that saturate today's world.

I wrote this comment about one of her wonderfully written posts:
"I so wish more folks would read this post of yours !

We are so bombarded with fake scents everywhere that even I (who is in my 40's and had never had an allergy or anything) have developed in these last 6 months or so a strong sensitivity to so many of the fake scents out there.
I have to be very careful when I go in public.
I have to watch where I sit and make sure I am not too close to someone who is wearing scented deodorant or some fake perfume.
I even have to be careful about walking into empty rooms !
I walked into an empty bathroom a few months ago and out of nowhere the automatic "air freshener" went off and I had to run out of the bathroom. Even getting out of there quickly was not enough as it got on ME and in my hair...
I had a headache and difficulty breathing for a few hours until I could air out.
It is getting to be unsafe to be out in public these days :(

Organically Yours,

Here is that great post by Maggie that inspired my comment - it is a must-read:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Diana's products can be found in Hubbard Ohio

Thanks to the wonderful New York Times article last Thursday - see my last blog post - I have had so much interest in my all natural and handmade products.

My website has become very popular:

For the local folks:
I have a display set up at Fabulous Interiors on the Square in Hubbard Ohio and a small display set up at Petzie's Gift Shop at 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road in Hubbard.
If you go to either, please tell them I sent you.

I do not "sell" from the house/shop, but I sometimes allow appointments to visit and if you happen to see something you like, well...
Right now though everything is a mess because I was right in the middle of drying a bunch of of my herbs and flowers (which are spread out all over) and was/am infusing several batches of my scented oils for the perfumes and soaps...
So, I am not taking visitors for a while until I start to get caught up a little ;)
AND, I have been inundated with emails and orders because of the article so I am even more behind in my work, but it is a nice problem to have in this economy - LOL

Organically Yours,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My New York Times write up

I was interviewed by The New York Times about how I make my all natural perfumed products and other products like my body balms and hand-sewn items... from my organic garden.

I am just a small fry in the world of Natural Perfumery, but was still included among the others because he really liked how I live and that I try to teach others about natural living too in my Squidoo lenses/pages... .
It pays to Squidoo folks, so if you are not there already, go to my Squidoo page called Natural Perfumed body creams and click the link to make your own page.

My part is on page 2 of the article.

Organically Yours,

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