Friday, July 31, 2009

My new mini website

I made a mini website to complement my other websites.
Natural Gifts By Diana

What do you think ?

Organically Yours,

Monday, July 20, 2009

Need readers for your blog ?

Well, one new customer found me through this Really Smart Deals - What about you ?

Are you looking for extra exposure for your blog... ?
It is fun seeing what others have done with their blogs and I have even joined some that I would not have seen otherwise.

You can have 10 links, 5 text ads, and 5 banner ads and all you have to do is surf at least 10 sites a week !

+ She is always giving us chances to win extra hits.

hand-sewn liners for my eye masks

I am making washable liners for my eye masks.
I happened to think of it the other day when someone asked how they should wash the eye mask.
Well, they are not washable, but can be spot treated.

So, I am now sewing by hand some liners out of white cotton vintage fabric so folks can keep their eye masks it new condition in case they want to wear them while they have eye makeup on or they are sweating from a fever...

These things are almost as much work as my eye masks are - LOL

I think I will offer them separately to keep the cost of the eye masks down AND then they can buy extras of the liners too if they want them.
They will be around $7 or $8 - should be more, but I'm trying to keep prices down wherever I can.

I also think that if someone buys a set or spends over say $60 or $65 with an eye mask included in that purchase, I'll throw in a liner for their free bonus instead of something else.

What do you think ?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

6 little zucchini

Hubby brought in 6 little zucchini from our organic garden.
They will be so yummy grilled outside.

I will sprinkle a little black pepper and olive oil on them and then grill them over medium-high heat until they're nicely browned and softened on both sides.
Yummy !

Friday, July 17, 2009

Tomatoes and peppers and pumpkins - oh my !

My organic gardens are growing like crazy !
That's what feeding your soil every Fall/Winter by covering the sleeping garden with a blanket of leaves and grass will do.

My happy soil thanks me the following Spring and Summer by welcoming the organic seedlings that we grew ourselves.
Then, I give my plants a good bit of compost when they are first planted and while they grow.

Right now my tomatoes are starting to get fruits, my pepper plants are getting big and we have a pumpkin that is the size of a bowling ball already.

I can taste the yummy food we will have soon from our own organic garden ;)

Organically Yours,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

another of my hand sewn eye masks

Here's another of my handsewn creations.

This was designed, cut, sewn, stuffed and finished by me.

One side is a vintage cotton fabric with cherries and the other side is a vintage faux fur fabric.

Lavender buds are inside for a lovely scent too.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009

Peacock blue and floral Hand-Sewn Luxury Relaxation Gifts

This is another of my hand-cut and hand-sewn eye masks and neck pillow - travel pillow.
These are made from vintage fabrics and have real lavender buds inside for a soothing scent.
I list most of my hand-sewn items separately as they are different sizes - so you can mix and match items for a perfect fit.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lavender and Roses and Mints, Oh my !

My daughters have been helping me to gather some of the herbs and flowers that I use for my all natural products.

I use the lavender and roses in my body balms and I make a perfume with each one too.
I have used some dried roses in some of my hand-sewn eye masks, sachets and neck pillows, but the most requested scent in these is my lavender.

I use the mints in herbal teas for us to drink - Yummy !
I also use them in some of my all natural products too - like my peppermint in the shoe sachets that I make.
I use some of my peppermint and some of my spearmint in a lovely bath salt tea.

I have lots more harvesting and drying to do.

See you in the Organic Garden !

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