Monday, May 25, 2009

Getting ready for the show...

My oldest daughter is coming over for a little while today to help me start packing things up for the show.
She is the one who will be helping me that day too.
I made inventory sheets listing everything that I will be taking because I want to make sure it is all organized so I don't forget anything.

I also have a list of other items to take like my business cards, signs, displays...

I finally finished up the chocolate nut fudge lip balms and the honey lip balms.
I got the Pina Colada lip balms poured, but still need to label and wrap them.

I wont have very many soaps ready to take.
All of this damp weather wouldn't allow them to dry properly so I can't wrap them yet.

I sure wish I had another month, I'd have everything ready for sure ;)

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