Wednesday, September 9, 2009

hand-sewn designer one-of-a-kind Apron - coming together

Here is more of my first hand-sewn designer one-of-a-kind Apron - Spring Flowers in peacock blue Apron - showing both sides.

It is being assembled little by little as it takes a while to sew the parts together by hand.
I now have the main body done which is reversible.
I also have the ties sewn and am now starting to attach the waist band.

I will also add more decorative embroidery stitching I think.
Perhaps more along the ties and maybe the waist band.
I have embroidered by hand the ends of the ties with French knots using 3 colors of thread at once to get a variegated color effect.


  1. Lovely work. Christmas shopping just got a lot easier for me.

  2. I find it truly amazing that you do all of this by hand! It must take eons to do just one apron!! My hat is off to you, for sure.


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