Monday, February 21, 2011

Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop has growing pains

The Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop needs a little help from our friends.
Here's a post I made about the situation on my facebook fan page for the Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop!/notes/diana-burrell-shipton/hubbard-ohio-gift-shop-needs-a-little-help-from-its-friends/500562730667
Please "like" it and comment if you like and help us to get the word out.

For those who not on facebook, here is the quote so you know how to help:
I need extra help to get the word out about my Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop now as apparently the township has a rule forbidding the putting up of any streamers, signs or banners...

I had been putting a banner up on the fence next to the Gift Shop - with the neighbor's permission of course- and taking it down every night when I got a visit from the township about it.

The man was very nice about it and felt bad, but as he said "Rules are rules..." and I don't have the money to have the issue put on the docket to ask for a variance which could be denied and then I would still be out the money for nothing.


Please tell your friends and neighbors about us.

Thanks everyone !

Tell them to look for the building, the address - 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road, and the signs/information on my windows... and any sidewalk sale items... since I cannot put anything out away from the building that they can see while driving by.

The banner I had on the fence was about 15-20 feet or so from the road so it could be seen for anyone who was looking for my Gift Shop yet not be a danger, but the township says they are not allowed because they are a distraction to drivers - LOL - Isn't that what a sign or banner is supposed to do, get attention ?

It makes no sense. Towns all over, including Hubbard, are crying about the economy and their tax base shrinking and the lack of businesses but they make it hard for a new business to get started - let alone to expand, grow and thrive !

Organically Yours,


If you are local or near the area, please help to get the word out about our little gift shop.

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