Friday, August 1, 2014

I humble myself and ask for help so I don't lose my old house - please

If I may ask a favor of all of you, please share and tweet... my #GoFundMe page below in hopes that any folks out there who can help will see this..
For those of you who have known me in person or online, please let folks know that I am asking for help - because I have no other choice.
I've had a horrible few years between my own health issues and losing my Mom. 

Then, to top it off, to find out that my roof had been leaking in a few places in rooms that we do not go into often so we never noticed.  Now we need a whole new roof with new wood as well.
My health issues are getting worse and because of the genetic, connective tissue disorder (among other issues) - I will keep getting worse.
I really do not like to ask for help, but am out of options now.
Here is more of my story and some background information:

Thank you !

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