Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Staying positive can be tough when life throws a few curve balls

I have lymphedema;  venous insufficiency;  macular degeneration;  either Marfan Syndrome or its cousin genetic connective tissue disorder/disease Ehler's Danlos Syndrome; had my gall bladder and a small part of my liver removed;  and had lumps taken from both breasts so far that were suspicious (all were benign so far, but Mom, Grandma and Great-Grandma all had a few "female" cancers so my doctors do not play around) + a few other surgeries and minor things.
Yes, there are days when it is all just too much  :(
But, with everything that I've been through with watching my Mom die and losing my brother to our family's genetic connective tissue disorder and know that I have it and so do my children - I cannot allow myself to wallow even on those really bad days when I really want to do so  :)
Thank you to all who are sharing my story and trying to help me and trying to help save my home.

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