Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lavender and Roses and Mints, Oh my !

My daughters have been helping me to gather some of the herbs and flowers that I use for my all natural products.

I use the lavender and roses in my body balms and I make a perfume with each one too.
I have used some dried roses in some of my hand-sewn eye masks, sachets and neck pillows, but the most requested scent in these is my lavender.

I use the mints in herbal teas for us to drink - Yummy !
I also use them in some of my all natural products too - like my peppermint in the shoe sachets that I make.
I use some of my peppermint and some of my spearmint in a lovely bath salt tea.

I have lots more harvesting and drying to do.

See you in the Organic Garden !

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