Saturday, August 8, 2009

Beautiful scarf in 3 colors - huge at 36" square

I have listed on ebay 3 different scarves.

A red one with golden and yellow flowers:
Scarves are worn in many ways.
Besides the typical fashion, they can be worn as a halter top, a turban, a shawl, as a wrap around your waist to dress up a pair of pants or a skirt...

I have 3-6 of each type of scarf, so if you want more than one, let me know so I can combine the shipping to save you some money.

I also have other silky scarves.

A Navy Blue one with the same floral design as the chocolate brown scarf below.

A deep brown one with the same floral design as the navy blue scarf above:

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  1. Diana! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet note. So great to meet another Organic Diana ;) I'll definitely be following and keeping up with your natural and organic gifts and lifestyle. I have alot to learn from you!!

    Un abrazo! (hugs)


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