Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vintage Pillowcases embroidered and crocheted by hand

I have several different Beautiful Vintage pillowcases with hand embroidered flowers, ribbons, birds, butterflies... and hand crocheted trim on the edges.

Most are unused, but have had the starch go yellow over time.
It should come out with a good soaking in my Grandmother's favorite - Biz.
But, even if it doesn't come out, the designs and the hand crocheted trims are well worth the price and can be used as part of a quilt, to add to a new set of pillowcases, or framed as art...


  1. Those are absolutely lovely!
    They remind me of the ones my great aunt used to do.

  2. Oh my...I love, love, love vintage embroidered pillow cases. :)


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