Friday, July 16, 2010

vendor booth openings in Hubbard Ohio store

We have a couple of vendor booth openings in Hubbard Ohio at our store at 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road in Hubbard, Ohio starting this week !
So, if you or someone you know wants to start a booth or expand a business into the Hubbard, Ohio area - let me know and we can set up an appointment.

* We will only take one vendor of each type of items - a little overlap is fine, but I want to be fair to all vendors.

Here is a page I made a
while back (I will be making changes to it as the Petzie's booth is leaving - and I will add the new vendors info when it is appropriate) with some photos:
Please let me know if you are someone you know is thinking about setting up so we can make an
appointment to stop by to talk to me for a tour and to get the details.

I do not have my papers in front of me, but if I remember
correctly it is something like this:
We will have room for one or two small booths (about 6x8) at about $100 a month) and 2 large ones (about 8x12) at about $200 a month.
*Again, I'm not positive about sizes or the $ amount, (AND the first person to join us will get a small discount) but this gives you an idea to go by.
When the person watches her/his own booth then they just pay the booth rent.
Whenever the person is not there watching their booth for whatever reason (illness, vacation, left early...) and he/she makes a sale, then the store charges a 10% (of the sale) fee. 5% goes to whichever
partner Mom, me or Amanda) made the sale for their time and the other 5% goes
into an advertising/marketing/supplies... kitty for the whole store.
We also have a sidewalk sale about every 5-6 weeks to help us clear out inventory and to bring extra attention to the store.

I did/do a ton of online advertising and we have all put up flyers and passed out
business cards... and one of the vendors has put an ad in the Youngstown, Ohio area's Metro Monthly for the last 4-5 months.
We will have an article in the Warren Tribune in about a month or so as well.
I want to put ads in the local Hubbard papers too.
We have a pretty good clientele for our half of the store with the vintage jewelry, gifts, books, and videos... so far and we have new customers finding us often so we want to stay - we just
need a few vendors to take the place of the person who is leaving who had the
other half of the store.
There are quite a few regular customers and we are getting new folks too regularly too.

Almost everything in the place is ours as far as the fridge, microwave, chairs... so the kitchen area is good to go and vendors get to use it for free. They would just need to take
turns/or chip in to the coffee/napkins/tea/etcetera fund if they wanted to share
our supplies. Of course, they can use the microwave and put a lunch in our
fridge for free :)

Although we spread the news about the store, EACH booth needs to do their own word-of-mouth... marketing (and is encouraged to have their own business cards if they like) as well because they may see folks that we never would.

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