Sunday, June 27, 2010

Spare my nose and lungs please !

I was just reading another perfumer's blog about the difference between a real natural perfume and the mainstream scented items that saturate today's world.

I wrote this comment about one of her wonderfully written posts:
"I so wish more folks would read this post of yours !

We are so bombarded with fake scents everywhere that even I (who is in my 40's and had never had an allergy or anything) have developed in these last 6 months or so a strong sensitivity to so many of the fake scents out there.
I have to be very careful when I go in public.
I have to watch where I sit and make sure I am not too close to someone who is wearing scented deodorant or some fake perfume.
I even have to be careful about walking into empty rooms !
I walked into an empty bathroom a few months ago and out of nowhere the automatic "air freshener" went off and I had to run out of the bathroom. Even getting out of there quickly was not enough as it got on ME and in my hair...
I had a headache and difficulty breathing for a few hours until I could air out.
It is getting to be unsafe to be out in public these days :(

Organically Yours,

Here is that great post by Maggie that inspired my comment - it is a must-read:

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  1. Hi Diana!!
    I loved the article that you show the link to. I hope she goes back to write about perfumes. I hope you are doing well! Take care.


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