Friday, December 25, 2009

How are YOU trying to be Green ?

Trying to be Green can be so tough
Just finding the materials to make my items - that are both organic AND as local as possible to avoid using so much transportation and fossil fuels... is impossible for some things.

I use my own homegrown (in my organic gardens) herbs and flowers and buy organic fabrics whenever possible for my items.
Finding local organic fabric is tough, so I use quite a bit of vintage fabrics to make my hand-sewn items - at least it is keeping it out of a landfill and I am not buying any new non-organic fabrics.
I also use vintage buttons, trims, lace...

To me, using vintage fabrics and notions is not only being Green, but it also gives handmade items an extra special something too.

Handmade AND Vintage = Beautiful, Useful, and Green too !

Organically Yours,

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