Sunday, December 20, 2009

More local success for Hubbard Ohio business

Diana's Hand-Sewn and All Natural Products are getting even more popular !

Diana's Hand-Sewn and All Natural Products are getting more local recognition.
Another local Hubbard, Ohio store has asked me to bring in a display of my All Natural handmade products and some of my hand sewn items to sell them in her downtown store right in the center of town.

This lady has a store in town with furniture and other things - she also does interior design...
She found my website and emailed me last week about putting some of my things in her store !
I emailed her back and will go to meet with her next week or so to talk about it.
I hope she knows that it is JUST me and not a whole crew that makes my things and that my hand-sewn items take time and are one-of-a-kind.

I am putting together a nice display of a little bit of everything so she can see them up close and then we will talk percentages and we will go from there.

This is so exciting !

The only problem is that I have been so busy helping my Mom and oldest daughter & helping a friend get her business going that I am way behind in my own work.

I have several folks waiting for my soap to be ready and others are waiting for the herbs for my newest body balm "Baby My Skin" to finish infusing so I can get a batch done.

My perfumes are mostly sold out too and they also take many months to make.

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